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Perhaps the greatest benefit of our Midwest chapter of CNU is our ability to share our experiences with each other. Our stories not only convey who we are and what we’ve done in our respective communities – they are parables for others.

CNU Midwest is a regional chapter made up of all or part of the following 7 states (and we’re about to grow in Illinois):

· Indiana

· Illinois

· Kentucky

· Missouri

· Ohio

· Pennsylvania

· West Virginia

While some urban development issues confronting us are similar to those in other parts of the country, many are substantially different. From the desire to generate economic activity in legacy factory towns to activating vacant lots in city cores, our conditions and challenges are fairly unique.

The lessons learned by a riverfront real estate developer from Paducah, Kentucky may help her colleague in Huntington, West Virginia. An elected official trying to reactivate an old warehouse in Toledo, Ohio might have some insight which would help a similar policy-maker in Springfield, Illinois.

The CNU Midwest Blog exists for that purpose.

Over the last few years we have curated a blog with over 30 articles. Some are short and light-hearted whereas others weigh-in on a controversial debate. We’ve heard from politicians, planners, real estate developers, architects, and community activists. We’ve learned about transit projects that will help the multi-modal vibrancy of cities and about highway expansion and bridge projects that won’t. We’ve heard about “Impact Investing”, “agglomeration economies”, and the “Scarborough 11” (go ahead – hunt for those; we’ve got ‘em).

From St. Louis, Missouri to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we’ve received articles from a broad Midwestern geography. We’ve heard from folks in small cities like Jasper, Indiana and Marietta, Ohio and from larger metropolitan areas like Cincinnati and Indianapolis.

But it’s not enough. Not nearly enough.

· On what plan, initiative, or development is YOUR community working?

· Has YOUR city just completed an urban design plan to revitalize a part of downtown?

· Has YOUR community group successfully lobbied to include bike lanes on a key arterial street (or have you just lost such a fight)?

· Is YOUR town re-activating a parking lot for food truck Fridays?

The work that your community is doing to bring about pedestrian-friendly, equitable urbanism is important. The lessons you’ve learned should be shared so others can learn from your experiences. So get on it!

Submit a story idea to the editors of the CNU Midwest Blog at:

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