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Connecting People through Placemaking

A tour of new Mural Art and Activated Alleys in Downtown Evansville.

Mural art is an economic development tool that is being used successfully by cities all over the region, the country, and the world, and fortunately for Evansville citizens, their city is doing the same.

“Mural art tells our community story, bolsters pride in citizens, excites tourists, and generates a sense of place but it also creates tangible effects like encouraging people to go outdoors and explore their surroundings,” states Abby Elpers, Marketing Director for E-REP and creator of Self.e Alley in Evansville.

Not even a pandemic could stop Evansville’s downtown from flourishing with new art. At least five new murals and activated alley projects have been added since March of 2020.

“It’s funny how in times of crisis — a pandemic for instance — that art flourishes,” says Elpers. “Through stay-at-home orders and lockdowns, art and music united us locally and across the world. When we could not physically be together, new art underway in the community brought us together. It inspired and brought hope.”

Here's a tour of Evansville’s latest placemaking projects adding vibrancy to the city’s core:

Neon Lights

Mural Location: Self.e Alley

Mural concept and design: Abby Elpers, Evansville Regional Economic Partnership (E-REP)

Artists: Painted by Michael Smith (Orange Moon Art Studio)

WWII History mural

Mural Location: 101 NW 4th Street - Beautiful blue and gold mural that shines light on Evansville's manufacturing history during WWII. The large mural covers the entire backside of the facility.

Artists: Often Seen Rarely Spoken

Commissioned by: Old National Bank

The Honey Machine

Gas meter mural Location: Game Room Alley

This mural is the first in the community to incorporate gas meter infrastructure and was done with the permission of, and guidance from CenterPoint Energy.

Artist: Tad Kauffman

Commissioned by: the Downtown Evansville Economic Improvement District

Angel Wings Project

Location: 425 Main Street

Artist: Colette Miller, creator of the Global Angel Wings Project

Alley Activation Projects

Self.e Alley (318 Main Street)—An alley that celebrated the Evansville community through mural art and connects with the 'e is for everyone' regional brand. #eisforeveryone

Game Room Alley (317 Main Street) Designed for use by all ages, Game Room Alley is stocked with art, games and landscaped spots to sit and relax.

Lighting and décor installation (512 Main Street) -- lighting system with seasonal banners and flags

About the Author

Abby Elpers has a passion for improving and leaving her mark on her community. As a leader at the Evansville Regional Economic Partnership (E-REP), she has done just that. Elpers is the Marketing Director at E-REP where she works to improve the workforce and quality of life for residents in the Evansville region

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