Jocelyn Gibson


Jocelyn Gibson is a Senior Consultant for Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP and specializes in the fields of city planning, zoning, and land use consultation. In addition to her professional career, she serves as the Chair for CNU Midwest and President of the North College Hill Board of Zoning Appeals.

Jocelyn has degrees in International Development and Urban Planning from the University of Cincinnati and is a visiting research scholar at Mahasarakham University where she researched urban transportation and land use coordination in Asian megacities. She believes that global levels of urbanization mean that solutions to urban problems affect quality of life, equity, and sustainability for a majority of the world’s population. Jocelyn says we need to be better systems thinkers as we plan cities which is one of the reasons she is a founding member of CNU Midwest.

Vice Chair

Dan Baisden


Dan Baisden is a neighborhood planner and Public Art Manager for the City of Fort Wayne in Northeast Indiana and serves as the Vice-Chair for CNU Midwest. Growing up near Akron Ohio, Dan is passionate about the Legacy Cities of the Midwest and has dedicated years of research toward community development and engagement strategies for these communities with limited resources.

A graduate of Arizona State University and a Graduate Student at Penn State University who has won the Edison Research award in 2011 and was named one of Fort Wayne's 40 Under 40 in 2015 , Dan previously worked in radio broadcast management and was an executive director of a Main Street organization prior to joining the City.


Mary Kate Genis


Brian Boland

Brian Boland is focused on residential and mixed-use properties in traditional urban neighborhoods and says long before he knew anything about urban design or planning or urbanism he was an urbanist by nature. When most people were moving out of Covington, he and his wife and moved in.  The couple purchased a historic home and over time have built a portfolio of holdings around the Cincinnati Metro.


Serving as one of the founding members of the Midwest Chapter, Brian says "The CNU community has inspired me and I continue my work as a small part of the greater project of creating places people love — one building at a time."

Indianapolis Representative

Austin Gibble

Austin Gibble is a Project Development Planner for the Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation (IndyGo) specializing in addressing complex urban mobility challenges through analysis, project management, and strategic partnerships. Austin is a graduate of both Ball State University and the University of South Florida, and a Graduate Scholar for the Center for Urban Transportation Research in Tampa Florida.


Serving as the Subchapter Leader for Indianapolis., Austing says "Interventions of the past half-century have damaged our cities and left our most vulnerable behind. CNU is facilitating the conversation to right the wrongs."

Louisville Representative

Louis Johnson

Louis Johnson, ASLA is a national leader in landscape architecture for Gresham Smith and our Louisville, KY representative on the CNU Midwest Board. Louis believes that through thoughtful and innovative design, the infrastructure we need can become the places we love.

Louis holds a BSLA in Landscape Architecture from the University of Kentucky and a Masters in Architecture and Urban Design from Georgia Tech.

Student Representative

Jeffery Tompkins

Jeffery Tompkins is an award-winning urban planning student with a background in public policy and design. Hailing from northwest Indiana, Jeffery has been fascinated with architecture and urban structures since he was young — this passion for design has fomented into the creation of, a renewed website detailing issues surrounding urbanity in central Indiana.  In his spare time, he is a constant reader, bicyclist, and avid baseball fan. Jeffery has been featured in the Indianapolis Star, the Indianapolis Business Journal, and Indianapolis Monthly.


Jeffery serves as the Student Representative for CNU Midwest and is a student at Ball State University in Muncie Indiana.

Cincinnati Representative

Joe Nickol

Joe  Nickol is a co-founding principal of YARD & Company with over 15 years of experience in urban design, architecture and placemaking. He’s directed projects for clients in 25 states and 7 countries, ranging from popups to new urban districts.

Joe graduated summa cum laude from the University of Notre Dame in 2005 with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. He is a co-founder of CNU-Midwest and a frequent contributor to Planning Magazine, Better! Cities and Towns, Planetizen, Smart Cities Dive, and the Congress for New Urbanism. He co-authored with Kevin Wright the Neighborhood Playbook in 2016 based on their collective experiences. He is a regular lecturer on urban development, placemaking, and the impact of technology on cities. 

Cincinnati Representative

John Yung

John Yung is an urban planner with over 14 years of working in communities. He joined New Urbanism in 2004 after reading Suburban Nation. Writer and manager of, he is also a founding member of the CNU-Midwest Chapter.

At Urban Fast Forward he is an urban development and policy consultant with a focus on revitalizing and enriching city centers and neighborhoods. In 2010, he was a key part of the team that developed, implemented and regulated the first Cincinnati-area form-based code in Bellevue, KY.  He is a writer and manager of the blog and podcast, a founding member of the CNU-Midwest Chapter, and an award-winning author.

Cincinnati Representative

Jeff Raser

Jeff Raser, AIA, is the owner of Cincinnati Urban Design and Architecture Studio (CUDA Studio). Jeff has worked as an architect in a 30+ year career designing dozens of projects. Early in Jeff’s career he realized it is the space outside and between buildings that is the focus of his passion.


Since then, Jeff has studied the art, science, and economics of Urban Design – especially the creation of pedestrian-friendly places. He has master-planned new communities, created strategic urban design plans for existing urban neighborhoods, and created zoning codes (including form-based codes) which allow developers to profitably create what communities want and need. As an architect he’s designed many new urban-infill buildings – and restored historic ones – helping communities realize their full potential. Jeff is an advocate for the design and codification of pedestrian-friendly mixed-used places and has written and lectured on the fundamentals of good urban design.


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