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Members of CNU Midwest can submit job postings RFQ/RFP requests that will be periodically shared on the website. If a member is interested, they must contact

Seeking Proposals to Prepare an Updated Downtown Design Manual for the City of Fort Wayne:

The City of Fort Wayne is seeking proposals to update the Downtown Design Manual together with the related design review process. Firms with experience and qualifications related to urban planning, design review, and writing zoning regulations are encouraged to present a proposal for review. This Request for Proposals (RFP) contains information about the community, a description of the project objectives, scope of work and related deliverables, RFP submission information and requirements, and the evaluation criteria to be used for selecting a consultant firm.

The RFP, #8129880 Downtown Design Manual Update, can be found on Quest ( All proposal documents must be uploaded by 11:00am on Tuesday March 29, 2022. Proposals will ONLY be accepted through Quest. In addition to uploading an RFP, there are three documents we require be downloaded, filled out, and uploaded again in order for your proposal to be accepted. They are:

Vendor Disclosure Form
Vendor Submission Form
Non Collusion Affidavit

These items, as well as the opportunity to upload your RFP, are located under the ‘Qualification Information’ tab in the vBid on Quest.

Please be aware, there are multiple hyperlinks embedded in the bid document which are only active once you download the document. They are not active when only viewing the document on Quest.

If you have any questions about how to use Quest please reach out to them at 952-233-1632. The City of Fort Wayne is grateful for your interest and looks forward to reviewing your proposal.