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The 2020 Annual Congress

Twin Cities 

June 10-13, 2020

Join us in the Twin Cities for the 28th annual Congress for the New Urbanism. Engage in dialogue and debate about collaborative partnerships, catalytic public investment, advances in equity, and pressing development challenges in the urban center of America’s heartland.

From Dinkytown to Lowertown, from Rondo to Beltrami, from Summit Hill to Linden Hills, Saint Paul and Minneapolis are cities of neighborhoods, graced by parks and lakes. Known for collaborative governance and diverse cultures, the Twin Cities vibrate with life and creativity. With the highest-rated parks and open space system in America, Minneapolis also has an energetic poetry and spoken-word community and eclectic music scene. Saint Paul offers a robust bike network, a treasure trove of historic architecture, and a warm welcome for new Americans alongside long-time residents. Both cities showcase the possibilities for great urbanism, including planning innovations, a vibrant public realm, and an ambitious push toward more transportation choices.

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