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The Hidden Power of 1-Story Retail

One story buildings are being coded out of the system right now when we need them most. While it is true that the Wendy's, Kmarts, and Walgreens of the world earn their anti-urban distinction, we should hesitate to throw the one story baby out with the suburban bathwater. The role of one story buildings is being re-established amidst the unpredictable shift to e-commerce, the stubborn difficulty of building and financing affordable mixed-use buildings, and, due to the capital cost, the propensity of national chain retailers to be the only viable tenants in conventional mixed-use buildings, leading to the same placelessness we seek to avoid in the first place. But the need for one story build

Sustaining Your Center

Downtown Medina - Maintenance and Evolution Downtown Medina, OH is the literal and cultural center of a small market area in the southwest corner of the greater Cleveland/Akron metro area. The City of Medina just celebrated its 200th anniversary and during that time period the community experiences all the normal urban development ebbs and flows of the 19th and 20th centuries. But if by happenstance or concerted effort or both (usually both), the City of Medina has emerged strong and poised for the next generation of the community to reinforce its excellent small town urbanity, while also strengthening it. In order to foster the next stages of the community’s future, the City of Medina Admi


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