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The Importance of Complete Neighborhoods in Times of Crisis

Being together is what's going to get us through being apart. Photo Credit: Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership As I write this column, I’m hunkered down in my apartment. I’ve been working from home for the better part of two weeks, with a handful of exceptions where I’ve had to make my way to the office, and the mere act of going outside of a walk is a privilege to be treated with respect and caution. Critical services that are frequently taken for granted, such as public transportation, grocery stores, urgent care clinics, public parks, and delivery services, are suddenly brought into limelight. Unfortunately, many of these services are overwhelmed in some fashion. Transit system

Dogs in Walkable Neighborhoods Are Very Happy Right Now

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, Americans are rediscovering the sidewalk, the park, and the value of connection. As of March 27, 2020, about 228 million Americans (70% of the country’s population) are under some degree of “stay-at-home” directive[1]. This has led many to work from home, school at home, and even worship at home. We have read more books, articles, and posts about how to keep ourselves occupied while at home (with or without family) during this period than ever before. Some are reading about how to refrain from plotting the demise of loved ones who are in closer proximity, for longer periods of time, than comfort or good sense would normally allow. It’s rumored that couples who h

Social Solidarity Amidst Spatial Distancing

A few weeks in, it appears that our collective physical distancing efforts together with the heroic efforts of our first responders, health care professionals and front-line services is starting to have a real impact on slowing the spread of COVID-19. We are all settling in to new norms of sheltering in place, Zoom meetups and remote work. But as the weather improves and the real health impacts of isolation take hold, cities, neighborhoods and households are making moves to safely get outside and overcome the effects of social distancing through spatially separated microdoses of community: Open up Public Spaces When even the business journals remark at the lack of traffic, it is time to dram


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