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CNU Midwest is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that relies on donations to work in our communities across the Midwest. If you're interested in supporting CNU Midwest's efforts, consider making a donation.

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CNU Midwest 2023 Board Retreat

The Board of the CNU Midwest Chapter held their annual retreat on September 8-9 in the Charter Award winning Bridge Street District  developed by Crawford Hoying in the Columbus suburb of Dublin, Ohio.

Over the two-day event, Board members came together to strategize the upcoming year’s initiatives, explore the local community, and enjoy time together. Notable highlights included a meet-up and happy hour with local CNU members at Pins Mechanical Company, dinner at the Pearl in historic downtown Dublin, walking tour of the Bridge Street District, and lunch at North Market Food Hall.


The retreat was a dynamic blend of information sessions, collaborative workshops, and inspiring discussions. Participants explored innovative approaches advancing the Chapter’s Strategic Plan and dove into ways to help create more walkable, vibrant cities and towns across the Midwest. The Board departed refreshed with newly re-tooled working groups. These working groups will be focused on supporting members' events, increasing access to member benefits, and increasing awareness of the Chapter and the opportunities CNU has to offer. If you are located in the Midwest and would like to join a working group, please contact

A special thanks to our gracious host, Crawford Hoying, who provided the meeting venue and refreshments for the weekend. 



The American Midwest sits at the intersection of great places and great people. From the Great Lakes to the rivers, to the cornfields of Indiana and the foothills of Appalachia, the Midwest has consistently defined the heart of Americana. With its rich and human-scaled urban legacy, affordable cost of living, and access to critical resources, Midwestern cities and towns represent one of the greatest opportunities to pursue the next frontiers of the New Urbanism.


CNU Midwest is the regional chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) serving the states and cities that border the Ohio River and beyond—the nation's first corridor of westward expansion. Once the home of the industrial revolution, Midwestern towns and cities are well-positioned to grow in our current urban renaissance. As a leading voice in this renaissance, CNU Midwest is a diverse group of professionals dedicated to promoting the value that results from great placemaking through traditional and new approaches to:


  1. Reclaiming public space for people,

  2. Reactivating and reconnecting neighborhoods as the vibrant building block of towns and cities, and

  3. Championing urban development that is enduring, adaptable, and human-scaled.




-Jane Jacobs

The ultimate goal is the reimagining and repopulation of our urban cores and inner-ring neighborhoods. Starting at the level of the street and continuing up through the neighborhood, town, city, and region, we encourage the development of great, equitable, urban places where all people can enjoy all aspects of daily life.


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